Bet with your friends on anything!

  • The First Online Platform Where You Create Your Bets
  • Choose a Referee and Make Sure to Get Paid
  • 100% Easy and Secure
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If you really believe something, you should definitely bet on it.


Tired of online sport betting? Bet on anything instead!


Payment is made in advance, your friend won't go away with it this time ;)


Bets should be fair and square. Let a trusted friend be the referee of your bet.


Betting is funny: betting with your friends is funnier.


Online payment is made through the app. Easy and secure.


What is FriendBet?

FriendBet is an app that allows you to bet with your friends – on anything.

Just write down the desired amount, what you are betting on and this is it! What's more? If you want to make sure that your bet is fair, another friend can be the referee and decide the winner.

  • Simple and Easy
  • Super Quick
  • Totally Fun

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What our customers are saying

I always have bet with my friends and FriendBet made these experiences better. The interface is great and I can remember all my bets easily now. Also, the money is there so my friends can't make me wait forever before paying ;)

Face 1
Patrick Nguyen

Software Engineer

I do literally all my bets via FriendBet now because it's so simple and because I love the referee system! Bets are the most easy thing to dispute... having a referee is a must. I won't go back to betting without this great app!

Face 2
Andrew Riley


I bet a lot with my colleagues but you know the drill: you forget the exact terms of the bet, nobody wants to admit defeat, etc. On FriendBet, the transaction is already done and another friend decides who won, that makes things easier.

Face 3
Ralph Jordan